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Meeting No 12 Jan 1976

Phil Herreen in the No 97 Speedcar
Datsun 2000 Fairlady sports engine with McGee fuel injection. Engine built by John Lewis, Maxwell Motors.
Made in approx. 1970 by Rocky Wright originally with a Holden motor.

"Phil Herreen, the top South Australian Speedcar driver last season, started driving in 1961 in sportsman cars then modified and three seasons ago in speeders. Phil in his Les March Datsun powered car took out the race last year, and this year he planned to have a new Datsun powered machine, but has not been able to appear for the past few weeks as he has been seriously ill with meningitis. Now recuperating, Phil is unable to defend his title tonight." Pge 16 Meeting No 12 Friday Jan 1976

Harry Neale Memorial Winners

1961 Dean Hogarth
1962 Dean Hogarth
1963 Andy McGavin
1964 Jim Davis
1965 Bill Curnow
1966 Kym Bonython
1967 Bill Wigzell
1968 Joe Braendler
1969 Bruce Rickard
1970 Joe Braendler
1971 Peter Maltby
1972 Doug Sunstrom
1973 George Tatnell
1974 Bill Wigzell
1975 Phil Herreen

Tonight we see the Harry Neale Memorial Speedcar Classic. Harry Neale was probably the greatest driver S.A. speedway has produced. His career began in 1945, and in 14 years Harry won six Australian titles (51, 52, 55, 56, 58, 59), the 1958 World Derby and Australian Grand Prix. On 6th February, 1959, Harry was fatally injured at Claremont Speedway. Harry and Peter Sharpe touched, causing Neale's car to leap in the air, rolling five times. Harry's belt broke and be was thrown to the track. Harry had won his four previous events. This tragedy followed two weeks after the death of Arn Sunstrom at Rowley.

Harry Neale in the V860 number 65 which he drove in the 1954 classic



Speedcar ranks saw the return of two former topline drivers Dean Hogarth and Eric Stack. Dean is driving a new car which he has imported from the States (the motor is his own Offy), and Eric is in familiar Holden No. 16. Eric won his opening start- the Div. 11 race. Grant Coombe back sporting a new paint job and Peter Maltby drove his old Holden No. 91 while the Kane unit was enroute to Melbourne for the interstate clash.


Making a guest appearance tonight is Des Nash (W.A.) in his Purolator VW. Des commenced racing in Victoria seven years ago and won the Victorian championship before moving to W.A. two years later. Des is returning to W.A. via Adelaide after competing at the Brisbane A. I. Foyt meeting. Des has appeared at Rowley several times with one disastrous meeting in 1968 when he flipped and suffered severe head and arm injuries.


Bad luck again last week for Zeke Agars. A clear leader in the feature when his motor went sour. Zeke coasted to the line, but was overtaken on the final corner by Johnny Moyle. It was John's second feature for the season. Mount Gambier driver Bill Barrows made a return appearance on his Chevvy Sprinter. Graham Moule took the Div. IL Scratch Race in fine style and showed he could be a driver to watch in the future.